This position is located at the Department of Veterans Affairs facility WNYHCS, Batavia, New York.
The incumbent will operate the Batavia boiler plant which consists of two 125 HP dual fuel fire tube boilers and two 250 HP dual fuel fire tube boilers and operates at a pressure 60 PSI.
The incumbent will be responsible for maintenance and repairs of the steam distribution system facility wide including piping, traps, radiators, valves, pumps and control devices.
The operator also operates energy savings equipment such as economizers, heat extractors, Variable speed drives, blow down heat exchanger and a glycol heat recovery system.
He/she is an operator in the Boiler Plant Unit of the Operations Section of Engineering Service.
Major duties include, but are not limited to:
o Performing maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of mechanical equipment and parallel positioning combustion control systems and water level controls.
o Reading and analyzing information from gauges, meters, and display to determine operational status.
o Maintaining and safely operating high pressure boilers and auxiliary equipment.
o Monitoring and responding to the Medical Center BAS system (Andover system), medical gas alarm panel, Emergency generator alarm panels, and SCADA system for responding to alarms utilizing established Standard Operating Procedures.
o Maintaining a daily boiler log, boiler plant log book, underground fuel oil tank inventory log book, boiler water chemical testing and treatment log and fire system log book as required.
o Performing preventive maintenance, inspections, and assigned cleaning duties.
o Identifying and diagnosing problems and independently determining and take appropriate action to safely maintain adequate steam production.
Work Schedule:
Three 8 hour shifts rotating weekly subject to change based on Agency needs.
Position Description Title/PD#:
Boiler Plant Operator/09359A

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